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About Civil Aviation
After open Air policy of Govt. of India, the Indian sky is becoming over crowded day by day with wide bodied sophisticated new generation aircrafts like Boeing, Air Bus, ATR, besides new domestic and international airlines who are emerging with huge fleet of heavy aircrafts. 

In view of these developments, the day is not very far when helicopter will replace the car and passenger aircrafts will replace the trains.The civil aviation is mainly having two functioning: 

a. Maintenance-(Only by Licensed AME) 
The term maintenance is self explanatory. Its significance is well known that all functions either manual or mechanical, fully depend upon mend and maintenance. Even human body needs everyday care for staying fit in our routine life. Similarly our mechanical functions are dependent on maintenance and without it no machine can work safely. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are trained to maintain various aircrafts and the same can fly only after airworthiness certificate is signed by an AME. These engineers are trained by the aviation training organizations approved by the DGCA, Ministry of Civil Aviation Govt. of India for carrying out inspection, maintenance and overhaul of Airframe, Power Plant, Electrical System, Instruments & Radio Navigation Systems. They are trained by academies as per DGCA approved syllabus according to which AME’s are morally and legally responsible for Airworthiness of Aircrafts all the times. In the present day contest, swift changes are taking place in all spheres of technology and aviation industry is not exception to this modernization. Several sophistications in manufacturing/production of the Aircraft is a constant process all over the world. 

In order to keep our Engineers updated with the latest Aircraft designing developments, Indian leading units and scheduled Airlines are sending AMEs to USA, France and other advanced Aircraft production countries for meticulous training from time to time which enables them to render meritorious engineering services towards national aviation industry. 

b. Operation-(Only by Licensed Pilots) 
Aircrafts/Helicopters are operated by a competent person especially trained and licensed by the DGCA, Ministry of Civil Aviation after obtaining training from Approved Flying Training Academies for: 

A) SPL (Student Pilot License)
B) PPL (Private Pilot License)
C) CPL (Commercial Pilot License)
D) ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License)