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Our Vision and Mission
Our vision

"Our vision is to achieve excellence in the field of technical education by continually using innovative methods of teaching and thereby giving society the best talented technocrats from this temple of learning."

Our Mission

SKY COLLEGE OF AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING (S.C.A.E) Bhopal mission “Our belief to make youths for Generation, we not only making youths for future.” includes :

  • To improve comprehensive education in the field of AME.
  • SCAE provides global standard’s for the students of Engineering with educate and discipline.
  • SCAE has inculcated engineering Skills and knowledge through innovative quality training practices and methods to become perfect engineer in the field of AME.
  • SCAE has motivated to youth for purposeful education and economical development for nation and worldwide.
  • SCAE provides best practices and platepharm to students, who trying to achieve heights of career and employment in the field of AME in global scenario.